Collection Process

Coastal Byproducts is dedicated to providing the highest quality of service for its customers in a timely manner. A complimentary storage tank delivered to your site is also included in our free service – there is no expense for our customers! It doesn’t get any better than free, green and clean!
There are several aspects of our service that make it superior to that
of others:

1.) Specialized Containers: We provide containers in a variety of sizes to suit the volume of used cooking oil generated at your facility and to fit in the space available. We offer containers sizes from 30-400 gallons, as well as a complimentary maintenance program to keep your container clean and working properly.

2. )Specialized Vehicles: We deliver your tank on a lift gate-equipped stake bed truck and collect your used cooking oil in a state-of-the-art vacuum truck. These vehicles are powered with biodiesel to minimize our carbon footprint. We even have a 7,000 gallon stainless steel tank trailer to accommodate larger customers.

3.) Routing System: A computerized system is used to ensure that tank deliveries and waste collection are accomplished in an efficient and timely manner. Our vehicles stay in close contact with our office in case of any last-minute changes.

4.) Licensed, Insured & Professional: Coastal Byproducts is state certified and fully insured for your protection. Our vehicles and our facilities are routinely inspected and annually certified. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and it shows. We take the worry and hassle out of disposing of your liquid cooking waste, without any cost to you. Not all service providers can guarantee that!

5.) Waste Manifest: We provide an on-site detailed manifest every time we collect your used grease and cooking oil. This manifest is left with you manager-on-duty before we leave your location. It releases your business of the liability for your waste and transfers it to us. Additional copies of these waste manifests are also available via fax or e-mail for your records.